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Quicksilver II Consulting, Inc.


We offer professional technical and management consultant services to a diverse range of clients in the nuclear and energy related industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Corporate Planning and Management

Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert support will help you navigate safely into your corporate future. Examples include: business model and strategy development for nuclear services companies; quality assurance gap analysis between ISO and NQA-1; analytical input to equity investors; procedure development; and performance improvement planning, training, and mentoring.


Independent Assessments & Readiness Reviews/Support

Our network of consultants have experience in every aspect of nuclear energy from licensing & regulatory compliance to safety system reviews to engineering programs such as design control and configuration management. Recent examples include assessments of problem identification and resolution (PI&R); corrective action program effectiveness; equipment and overall plant/system reliability; overall quality program and implementing procedures; and management effectiveness and conduct of operations.  We provide full scale readiness assessments as well as targeted readiness support in the area of NRC inspection readiness.

Causal Analysis/Risk Analysis/Management

Formal causal analysis is essential to determine the root causes of issues affecting your company's performance. Our causal analysis experience with highly regulated and high risk industries ensures thorough and proven techniques to get to the heart of your issues.

There are risks involved in any business. We provide you with extensive advice and support on how to be prepared for and manage risks, large or small. Our consultants employ techniques such as SWOT and PEST analysis, but more importantly can apply their experiences to refine your programs or approaches to risk analysis.


Subject Matter Expertise/Equity Investment Consulting

A cadre of subject matter experts are available to support technology-driven business ideas in the areas of strategic review and business planning support. Our wide range of expertise in nuclear applications and extensive experience in the nuclear power and nuclear technology sectors has proven invaluable to clients in their business planning as well as in potential litigation support.

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